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I want to support sustainable businesses to improve their performance, involvement and impact. I focus on collaborating across the value chain.


This is my contribution to make the sourcing and production in fashion industry more in a clean and fair way.


It's a growing Market, huge network and millions of interested parties. Successful businesses change the concepts to deal with inviromentel impact.


No chance for green washing - I check every listed company for cetifications and further sustainable prosseses or porducts.


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I’ve work in the fashion industry for over 25 years and know how challenging it can be. That’s why my service is completely free for everyone, researchers and companies. However, I attach great importance to the sustainable orientation of the companies when making my selection.


What is my motivation?

I would like to support companies that work sustainably and list the jobs that these companies advertise. And I want to be able to decide freely and independently which companies to accept and which not. In addition I would like to offer my services free of charge and with no advertising. More to me you find here.


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Keeping my service online is a financial challenge. Your donation helps me keep the site going. Thank you for your donation to my site.


My idea: you decide if, when and how much you donate as a thank you for the service. How this payment experiment works, you can read in the monthly report.


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